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The Waucoma Event Center

Then & Now

The Waucoma Event Center was established in 2014 by the Waucoma Community Development Group. The land for the property was donated by the  Leonard and Roberta Brannon family.  The majority of the funds to start construction were donated by various community members and businesses. Ongoing donations are always greatly appreciated to continue upkeep and improvements.

The Waucoma Event Center features a main hall that will seat up to 500 with full bar service and a full kitchen offering an 8 burner gas oven/stove, stand up freezer and walk-in cooler. We have a separate meeting named for the Brannon family, to seat up to 50. This room can also be used as the serving room for the dinner line for wedding receptions.  An outside patio area, and elevated stage are also some of the wonderful amenities we offer.  

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